Guarding Against Digital Shadows: A Dive into Android Spyware

07.09.2023 Read
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Malvertising attacks - a gateway to malware & phishing

14.03.2023 Do Malvertising attacks pose a threat to smartphone users? and how to protect your devices and data.  
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How to Prevent Cyber Attacks: Tips for Endpoint Detection and Response

01.12.2022 Having Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software is essential to fighting ransomware today, though with different types of attacks and various solutions in the market what features are the most...  

The Power of Encrypted Smartphones: Why They're Essential to Protecting Your Business

17.11.2022 When it comes to protecting your business, the stakes are high. You're likely to have a lot of sensitive information on hand, including client data, personal information, financial data, and...  

The Truth Behind Unnecessary Permissions Requested by Mobile Apps

06.11.2022 Apps, apps. They’re everywhere. There is an app for every activity in our lives: from shopping to daily water drinking reminders. If you have a smartphone, and we hope you do, you will probably find...  
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The Importance of Protecting Healthcare Data from Mobile Threats

14.07.2022 Today’s healthcare industry is rapidly adopting mobile technologies to improve patient care, drive business efficiencies, and increase staff efficiency. Unfortunately, the same mobility that enables...  
Protecting Healthcare Data from Mobile Threats