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Guarding Against Digital Shadows: A Dive into Android Spyware

07.09.2023 Read
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Granting Unnecessary Permissions to Apps Puts Your Data at Risk?

12.04.2023 We'll start thing article by saying something you already know - in today's digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. We use them for everything from checking emails and...  
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Why traditional EDR falls short on protecting mobile devices

07.06.2022 When it comes to endpoint detection and response, most enterprises think of desktop agents that monitor and quarantine endpoint activity. Because mobile devices constantly shift between Wi-Fi,...  
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Journalism, Publicity, and Mobile Security

25.05.2022 While all organizations or individuals that use digital technologies are at risk of a cyber-attack, malign actors and repressive governments target journalists more. The mobile devices, including...  
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Zero Trust and Mobile Security Explained

11.02.2022 Mobile technologies have unquestionably invaded the workplace. Essentially, mobile devices provide numerous gains to businesses and employees by enhancing productivity and work flexibility. On the...  
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What's in Store? MDM, Firewall, Antivirus or Secure Mobile OS

09.02.2022 Companies today rely on mobility to enhance agility and mobility. As such, bring your own device (BYOD), and mobility has become integral to transforming businesses into modern entities. For example,...  
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