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Politics, Election Times and Cell Phone Spying

01.07.2021 Read
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Striking the perfect balance between usability & security - Kaymera

05.05.2021 In just a short period of time, we’ve all become so reliant on our smartphones that life seems unimaginable without them. They’ve become an automatic extension of our office and personal lives. And...  

The most secure Android phone ever? Introducing Kaymera Technologies

05.05.2021 From the launch of Google’s flagship Pixel phone it was one of the most hotly anticipated smartphone releases, and immediately achieved a raft of top reviews from leading publications.  It was...  
kaymera smartphone - Pixel 4

Real Talk: The Risks of Vulnerability Disclosure

26.04.2021 Vulnerability disclosure is a hotly debated topic in the cybersecurity community.   
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Industry Focus: Banking

23.03.2021 Technology has played a key role in the creation of a sustainable work environment. The banking sector has been at the forefront in the uptake and installation of new information systems and...  

Mobile Critters: Part 3. Ransomware

27.01.2021 Ransomware is a term that has been striking fear into the hearts of IT Departments and Information Security teams across the globe for nearly two decades.