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Malvertising attacks - a gateway to malware & phishing

14.03.2023 Read
Malvertising article Kaymera

The Truth Behind Unnecessary Permissions Requested by Mobile Apps

06.11.2022 Apps, apps. They’re everywhere. There is an app for every activity in our lives: from shopping to daily water drinking reminders. If you have a smartphone, and we hope you do, you will probably find...  
Mobile app permissions - Kaymera

The Importance of Protecting Healthcare Data from Mobile Threats

14.07.2022 Today’s healthcare industry is rapidly adopting mobile technologies to improve patient care, drive business efficiencies, and increase staff efficiency. Unfortunately, the same mobility that enables...  
Protecting Healthcare Data from Mobile Threats

Where will EDR be One Year from Now?

07.07.2022 EDR is on the rise, and nothing is stopping it. Organizations notice the benefits EDR brings and make plans to implement it within their security infrastructure. So, where will the security solution...  

The Next Big Thing in Secure Mobility

30.06.2022 Many organizations allow employees to work remotely, which mostly entails using mobile devices to access corporate networks, which is good. Undoubtedly, mobile technologies enhance productivity,...  
Secure Mobility

Why traditional EDR falls short on protecting mobile devices

07.06.2022 When it comes to endpoint detection and response, most enterprises think of desktop agents that monitor and quarantine endpoint activity. Because mobile devices constantly shift between Wi-Fi,...  
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