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Connected Car Era is Here. Cyber Security and the Automotive

13.10.2021 Read
connected vehicles

Connected Car Era is Here. Cyber Security and the Automotive

13.10.2021 Any system that connects to a network or the internet becomes susceptible to numerous security threats. With the automotive sector joining other industries that rely on digital technologies,...  
connected vehicles

Politics, Election Times and Cell Phone Spying

01.07.2021 Political espionage has been in existence for several decades now. However, technological innovations and advancements, widespread use of communication devices like cellphones, and the social media...  
elections cybersecurity

Mobile Critters: Part 4. Wi-Fi Attacks

28.06.2021 Cyberattacks always were and will continue to be a highly sensitive topic, especially now that after the pandemic has slowed down, many people are driven to work from home or other out-of-office...  
Wi-Fi attacks

What Happened to Sky ECC

23.06.2021 Disclaimer: we are not trying to be too hard on Sky ECC. This article tells you the story as it is.  
skyecc scandal

Supply Chain Attacks and How They Work

20.05.2021 What is a supply chain attack and how it works? There’s no doubt that 2020 taught us all about the spreading of biological viruses. We can’t help but notice the elephant in the room – no matter what...  
supply chain attacks in the city