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Guarding Against Digital Shadows: A Dive into Android Spyware

07.09.2023 Read
Spyware blog - Kaymera

Guarding Against Digital Shadows: A Dive into Android Spyware

07.09.2023 Spyware, a formidable breed of malware, silently infiltrates our Android devices, stealthily extracting sensitive information without our consent or awareness. In a world where our mobile devices...  
Spyware blog - Kaymera

Android VPNs: Evaluating Security and Privacy Features

17.08.2023 Everywhere we go, we hear that websites are spying on us. So unsurprisingly we’re looking for solutions to increase our online privacy and security. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have ridden this...  

Why Are Banking Apps Scanning My Phone?

03.08.2023 Lately, we've witnessed a surge in legitimate apps and websites performing port scans on users' devices, sparking curiosity and concern. Even more intriguing is the fact that these apps, particularly...  

Enhancing Government Security: Secure Communications Use Cases

29.06.2023 The ever-present threat of espionage looms over government, military, and law enforcement agencies as intercepted and manipulated communications pose significant risks. Off-the-shelf communication...  
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Safeguarding Against Digital Threats: AV Signature Mechanics

26.06.2023 Antivirus software has evolved into an indispensable weapon in combating digital threats, including malware. An integral aspect of these antivirus solutions is the utilization of signatures. These...